If your life’s savings and retirement accounts dwindled, don’t worry. President Obama and Congressional Democrats plan a new round of “hope and change” in September to replace the one that failed but first, overworked Congressmen and Senators need another vacation.

Meanwhile, the President remains committed to economic recovery while planning more fund-raising appearances, vacations and golf outings. In fact, the Obama’s will be squeezing in a $50,000 vacation and golfing in Martha’s Vineyard while testing a post Labor Day major teleprompter-assisted speech.

Americans should also feel comfort knowing our taxes purchased two new armored buses for Mr. Obama’s current “listening tour” of key political battleground States. It provides an opportunity to blame others for his own incompetence and ineptitude.

In spite of broken promises, failed economic policies, the frightening Stock Market and Standard and Poor‘s downgrade of America’s credit rating, his millionaire and billionaire friends, supporters, business executives and union officials can still spend $35,000 a plate to dine with him and $10,000 for a photo. That guarantees a billion dollar ($1,000,000,000) slush fund to destroy the character and proposals of whoever is his opponent, flood airwaves with propaganda and influence favored media and Fourth Estate supporters.

Major questions are, if the Obama Presidency has been so good why are twenty million Americans unemployed or underemployed and forty million require food stamps to survive? Why are there record foreclosures, trillion dollar deficits, growing inflation, higher gasoline and fuel oil prices? Why are we leaving insurmountable debts for future generations?