Don’t worry, America’s future is sound and in good hands. Our Executive and Legislative branches of Government are eager to lift our nation out of economic turmoil. Have patience though since both houses of Congress were extremely overworked during the recent budget crisis and first need another vacation.

Meanwhile, our President will stay committed to economic recovery by scheduling fund-raising appearances, family vacations and golf outings. A first priority involves polishing up his teleprompter-assisted oratories for a fifteen day nationwide campaign tour of key battleground States where he can blame others for his incompetence and ineptitude. However, Americans should be relieved knowing their taxes paid for two (2) new custom armored touring buses specifically designed to keep the President and his entourage comfortable while seeking re-election.

The President will also squeeze in some work while on a $50,000 vacation in Martha’s Vineyard. Surely, he will take a few moments to make sure his wealthy friends, lobbyists and campaign supporters will still be able to contribute towards his $1,000,000,000 re-election plans after the recent stock market crash.

In spite of his broken promises and failed economic policies, plans by the President and Congress for their re-election should calm fears of those who have seen their I.R.A.’s, 401-K’s and life’s savings melt away after America’ s credit rating was lowered for the first time in history. One can only wonder how many are willling to trust Barack Obama with four more years of “changes we can believe in“?