When the Budget and Debt Ceiling impasse arose, Barack Obama’s first inclination was to scare seniors by threatening to “withhold Social Security checks”. The Social Security Trust Fund is not dependent on the spending budget and this wasn’t the first time seniors seemed to be targeted.

His Health Care Reform Act cut $500 billion from Medicare and $40 billion from Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facility subsidies. Medical experts predict seniors will bare the brunt of these reductions as future doctor shortages and reduced medical reimbursements will lead to rationing and withholding services.

Another aspect of Obama Care threatening seniors is Section 1145, Page 272 that states, “ Cancer hospitals will ration care according to the patient’s age”. The legislation also includes a new 2.9% tax on branded drugs and both domestic and foreign medical device manufacturers that will especially impact seniors requiring items like walkers, wheelchairs, heart stints and pacemakers.

Obama Care includes a new 3.8% tax on home sales commencing 2013. A senior selling a $200,00 home will pay the government an additional tax of $7600. Further impacting all, plus seniors, will be a new 1% Transaction Tax on all bank transactions including deposits, withdrawals and direct deposit of Social Security and pension checks plus Income Tax refunds.

A leader’s true character can be gauged by his respect for the elderly and disabled. Stiffing or scaring seniors should never be a hallmark of any legislation, Administration or President.