Same sex advocates praised Barack Obama for influencing the United Nation’s endorsement of homosexual and lesbian lifestyles but does he speak for the American majority? The truth is most consider such behavior kinky and in conflict with traditional religious teachings and values. That’s why supporters who claim “ 60% approval” always oppose public referendums on the issue.

Most realize gay sex is the primary cause of HIV/AIDs in the United States and worldwide. That’s why discussion never includes corresponding health implications. The AID’s plague has been called a pandemic and responsible for 25 million deaths worldwide. Another 38 million have HIV including over one million Americans.

Sanctifying such behavior also encourages homosexual pedophiles that belong to groups like (NAMBLA), the North American Man Boy Love Association. Should we really be encouraging men who prey on boys? Do most Americans want their children and grandchildren raised in a society that considers same sex behavior acceptable and normal? Should school children be indoctrinated with behavioral patterns many religions consider immoral or sacrilegious? Do we really want future generations promulgated by surrogates and children raised motherless or fatherless?

If two men or two women want to live together its strictly their own business. Why must the majority sanction it as normal or comparable to traditional marriage? We must strictly enforce laws against discrimination, including practices of same-sex participants, but we shouldn’t be compelled to accept abnormal lifestyles as worthy of endorsement.