Barack Obama’s Presidency is disastrous for seniors. Meanwhile, their children and grandchildren are enduring a jobless economy, over 9% unemployment and thousands of illegal immigrants occupying scarce service-related and construction jobs.

Senior’s lifelong investments are at risk, saving’s interest is negligible and depreciating home values and record foreclosures are destroying the housing market. In addition, the Administration proposes a new 3.8% home sale transfer tax plus environmental energy requirements that could cost all, including seniors, up to $6,800 when they sell their homes.

Inflation severely impacts food, clothing and failed energy policies increase costs of heating and cooling homes and gasoline. Social Security COLA’s have been frozen while Medicare deductions rise. Obama Care includes a $500 billion reduction in Medicare reimbursements, $40 billion slash in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities subsidies and new taxes on branded drugs and medical device manufacturers. Experts predict severe doctor shortages and rationing of services as millions including illegal aliens are incorporated into Medicaid.

The President’s reelection team believes seniors are stupid, naïve, uninformed and can be duped by campaigns of fear and demagoguery. First, they will depict Republicans as willing to push “Grannies” over cliffs, deny medical care to the sick and kill off old people. Second, Republicans and their positions will be stereotyped as “radical” or “extremist” knowing a pro-Obama press will echo such claims. They feel sure this will successfully outsmart the elderly, negate domestic and foreign policy failures and reelect the President.