Barack Obama should have cut short his European sightseeing trip and returned when death and destruction from killer tornadoes impacted five states. We know the liberal press and media would have reacted differently if that were George Bush?

Reports indicated over 100 men, women and children were killed and 1500 remained unaccounted for after an EF-5, 200 MPH tornado destroyed Joplin, Missouri. Schools, the main hospital, police and fire stations and hundreds of homes were laid ruin as search and rescue teams combed wreckage for missing survivors. Similar devastation occurred in Oklahoma, Texas and other States.

Evidently, researching Obama’s family roots, enjoying a pint of Guinness in an Irish Pub and sipping cocktails in Buckingham Palace with British Royalty had precedent. President Obama, his family and friends were again enjoying Air Force One, the Marine One helicopter and subsidiary aircraft to ferry all including specially outfitted limousines, Secret Service and sympathetic reporters on another taxpayer supported safari.

During last year alone, the Obama family used Air Force transportation over 170 times for Democrat Party fundraising, vacations, 29 rounds of golf and entertainment. The estimated cost for taxpayers of Air Force One alone is over $180,000 each hour airborne.

Meanwhile, White House officials indicate the President will be traveling more this year and next campaigning. No doubt, upon his return from Europe, a photo-op in Joplin, Mo. will be his first act so those pictures will be available for re-election campaign literature.