How ironic that America’s President seeks to dictate Israel’s borders when he and his Administration are incapable of securing and defending our own from foreign invaders. Mr. Obama has double-crossed a loyal friend and ally by publicly endorsing untenable Palestinian demands.

By doing so, he has damaged chances of Middle Eastern peace by compromising Israel’s ability to negotiate from a position of strength to ensure safe, secure borders.

While this decision may satisfy anti-Israel Arabs, the Palestinian-Hamas coalition and Holocaust denier Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, it poses a perilous potential for the State of Israel. Surrounded by a unified Arab enemy it could place their survival in the hands of known sponsors of terrorism.

For Americans, the question is how might the President’s betrayal of our friend affect his re-election chances? For Muslims, it will likely enhance both his voter support and campaign contributions. For American Jews who simply consider Israel another foreign nation, traditional liberal voting tendencies will probably prevail. For those who equate the State of Israel with the biblical center of world-wide Judaism, there could be deep disappointment over his pro-Arab stance and significant voter backlash.

For most Americans deeply worried about terrorism emanating from the Middle East, the President’s pronouncement emphasizes his administration’s dangerously incompetent understanding of foreign affairs. By reversing American foreign policy, Barack Obama has empowered and encouraged greater anti-Sematic fervor world-wide and placed the future of a small democratic country in extreme danger.