Dear Mr. President:

No, Americans don’t want alligator-filled moats separating our country from Mexico. To be honest, that remark was insulting, uncalled for and not funny. They simply want your Administration to insure safe, secure borders and encourage foreigners seeking citizenship to do so legally.

Mr. President, our Nation’s problem is not immigration but a foreign invasion. Many feel unsafe in their own homes on American soil as Mexican drug violence spills over the border. Yet, your criticism wrongly targeted Americans rather than Mexicans.

Does your Administration know whether those sneaking into our country have criminal backgrounds, belong to drug cartels or are potential terrorists? Shouldn’t that be your primary concern rather than rewarding law-breakers with citizenship?

While unemployment and home foreclosures are at record levels and inflation rising, isn’t it counter-productive for illegal aliens to occupy scarce service-related, construction and other jobs? Does it make economic sense for them to funnel back to their homelands much of their income rather than spend it here? Why should hard-working Americans be burdened by their health care costs, educational benefits and incarceration for criminals?

“Immigration reform” should not involve amnesty, rewarding criminality or a means to bolster Democrat Party enrollment by granting voting rights to law-breakers. Those who have broken our laws by entering illegally should be told, go home, learn how to speak English and abide by the same successful procedures for attaining citizenship enjoyed by millions for over 200 years.