The Republican Party must be brain dead to stand mute while Barack Obama continues to use Air Force transportation for his and Democrat Party fundraising trips. What right does he have to stiff American taxpayers for personal and Party money-raising safaris?

If Republicans were smart, they would demand he use commercial aircraft or reimburse the military for any and all partisan political use. That includes both Air Force One and additional military planes used to ferry his limousine, campaign staff and favored press supporters.

On April 27th, for example, he used taxpayer-supported transportation for personal taping with one of his major political supporters, Oprah Winfrey in Chicago. Following that, Air Force planes then ferried him and his entourage for the third time during April for three additional fund raising dinners in New York City. One included contributions of $35,000 per plate from liberal supporters. The President is hoping to increase the $42 million he garnered from New York fat cats in 2008 as he aims for a one billion dollar re-election campaign.

With faintheartedness and silence emanating from Republican leaders and most announced and unannounced Presidential candidates, no wonder Donald Trump is looking better and better. At least he has the guts to speak up and, maybe, that’s what the Republican Party and Americans need for a change.