The 2012 Presidential election could be decided by answers to the following questions. Can a billion dollar re-election campaign convince people that Presidential leadership exists when polls indicate the opposite? Can it alter public belief that America is on the wrong track? Might it influence citizens to ignore Barack Obama’s many broken promises? Will it encourage forgiveness for his failed energy policy and $4.00 plus gasoline?

Will Americans overlook record unemployment and home foreclosures, trillion dollar deficits and growing inflation? Did they agree with the Administration’s involvement in another Middle Eastern war?

While all questions point to voter rejection of Obama‘s disastrous mismanagement of America‘s economy, the power of incumbency is enormous. Access to the presidential bully pulpit or use of taxpayer paid Air Force transportation to campaign rallies or fund raising appearances, provide a huge advantage. Combine this with millions in union provided cash and manpower, business fat cats who play both sides, Hollywood liberals and a supportive partisan Fourth Estate, television networks and sympathetic News Service writers. One should not overlook support coming from lobbyists who prefer big government, and foreign contributors like billionaire George Soros.

Will a billion dollars or more and a professional propaganda campaign that accuses all opponents of being “extremists” successfully convince naive, gullible and uninformed voters that Barack Obama’s “Change we can believe in” is leaving America a better nation? Will it provide our grandchildren with the wonderful country our parents willed to us? That’s the major question.