The President plans a billion dollar re-election campaign but can we afford four more years of an Obama Administration? When he assumed office a gallon of gasoline was $1.65. For a family driving 12,000 miles a year in a vehicle averaging 20 miles per gallon, the cost was $990.00. After two years of Obama’s Presidency, that cost is now $2400 and could go higher. The President’s failed energy policy also adversely affects costs of engine oil, tires, home heating oil and all items manufactured or transported..

That differential is an additional Obama tax on each American driver and family. His Administration is also considering a “VATT”, Vehicle Miles Travel Tax. If approved, it will further punish every driver and family by taxing their total mileage driven each year. It would be operated using Smart Grid Technology, the same system Obama proposes to monitor, control and charge for future residential and commercial energy usage.

The Obama Administration is intent on fostering climate change propaganda to institute new governmental controls and taxes on both industry and individuals. This is part of a campaign by global warming extremists to completely brainwash us into believing that fossil fuels, flat screen television sets, driving SUV’s and population growth are destroying the planet.

As long as Barack Obama agrees with radical environmentalists, America remains totally dependent for 60% of our oil from OPEC’s fickle Arab and other dictators who hate our country, living standard and Free Market Capitalism.