If $3.00 or more a gallon for gasoline and home heating oil strains your budget don’t blame American oil companies. Don’t even blame OPEC and Arab oil barons. Blame our President and global warming alarmists who perpetuate the hoax that human behavior affects the earth’s climate. Condemn Washington politicians who see no problem paying one million dollars a day to foreign sources for 70% of our oil needs. Reject liberals and green energy fanatics who praise higher gas prices because it helps discourage SUV sales. Blame our national leaders who completely ignore oil and gas deposits in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado and Alaska that exceed all Middle East oil and gas reserves combined.

Instead of developing our own environmentally safe fossil fuel resources we are constructing windmills, a 19th century power source in the 21st century. Wind and solar panels are incapable of providing sufficient, reliable power generation to maintain Americas economic viability. Neither, are we completely comfortable with nuclear power generation after Japan’s disaster. Yet, we have allowed ourselves to be virtually paralyzed by environmental scammers.

When Barack Obama assumed office gasoline was $1.65 /gallon. Spikes in energy costs are impacting grocery prices, clothing costs and all items requiring energy to construct or transport. How can we be optimistic about America’s future when our country’s leaders are inept, ineffective and controlled by environmental lobbyists and our national security energy needs are in the hands of OPEC and Arab dictators?