Green Energy a Big Bust

     Why should Arab oil prices impact our wallets at gas pumps, supermarkets, clothing stores and in our homes? Because, under the pretense of “saving the earth” Barack Obama, global warming alarmists and green energy advocates are literally ruining America. They stubbornly maintain the misconception that fossil fuels, flat screen television sets and driving SUV’s are destroying the planet.
     As a result, we can’t build needed refineries, use clean coal technology and develop huge oil and gas reserves within our nation’s boundaries. America seems so paralyzed by environmental hype we’re totally dependent on OPEC’s fickle Arab and other dictators who hate our country and enjoy seeing our oil-imposed economic agony.
     Instead of developing our own environmentally safe fossil fuel resources that far surpass those of all Middle Eastern countries combined, we are constructing ineffective, inefficient community impacting windmills. Relying on 19th century power sources in the 21st century will make America a second class country.    
     When Barack Obama assumed office gasoline was $1.65 per gallon. It is now over $3.00 and climbing. Hundreds of scientists and climatologists say global temperature and weather are determined by the  Sun’s action and intensity, not carbon dioxide much of it produced by human exhalation.
     Scientific evidence simply rejects environmental claims or predictions. In fact, most scientists agree that Global Climate Disruption, nee Climate Change, nee Global Warming is a huge con game. When will we wake up?