When Anarchy Prevails

When Wisconsin teachers abandoned classrooms and children and elected officials skipped town and refused to vote it was more than dereliction of duty, it was a form of anarchy. It meant taxpayers were being held hostage by greedy union leaders and organized street protestors.

When union members stormed legislator’s homes shouting obscenities and frightening children it required police intervention. This is not the America our founders and parents willed to us. It is something more attuned to Middle Eastern countries.

When an elected Democrat legislator implored the mob to “get bloody” was that an example of President Obama’s civility? How do these actions conform with Constitutional rights to” peacefully assemble and express grievances ‘?

We are actually witnessing a test of power, influence and political tactics conducted by “Organizing for America” a newly formed Chicago-based “Obama 2012” campaign organization. It will provide funding, co-ordination, publicity, transportation and professional signage for those supporting the President’s re-election campaign.

No doubt it will be active in providing hoards of supporters at the President’s campaign appearances and picketing and attempting to disrupt those of his eventual opponent.

Americans must ask themselves, is this how union educators practice democracy? Is this the America we want to leave for our children and grandchildren? I certainly hope not.