America is in deep trouble. It’s bad news for us, our children and our grandchildren. The wonderful America our parents and grandparents willed to us may not be theirs.

There is little respect for the United States around the world and embarrassing having a President apologizing for America’s exceptionalism, accomplishments, generosity and sacrifices to preserve freedom for others. As a result, we are enduring brazenness by dictatorships in North Korea, Iran and Venezuela. Some of our closest friends are unsure of the Obama Administration’s intent and policies.

We are leaving a staggering debt of $42,000.00 for each man, woman and child because our government’s is spending tax dollars faster than collected.

A failed, misdirected energy policy obsessed by an Earth Warming scam has left us dependent on OPEC and fickle anti-American oil barons. Ignored is potential energy self–sufficiency by simply utilizing huge domestic oil and gas reserves within our borders.

Meanwhile, government propaganda implores us to utilize Mercury laden (CFL) corkscrew bulbs that pose grave danger and strict EPA mandates for disposal. We should drive small dangerous electric cars with extremely limited mileage and replacement batteries costing $3,000.

Real underemployment is 17%, home foreclosure statistics alarming and little relief is on the horizon. Maybe Hillary Clinton was correct when in 2008 she opined. “Obama isn’t ready for a 3:00AM call”. Maybe his background as a professional “Community Rabble-rouser”, lack of experience and misunderstanding of Free Market Capitalism proves Clinton right. The job of President is too big for him.