With our National Debt over $14 trillion and real unemployment over 20% America needs more than teleprompter-assisted oratorical platitudes. Pres. Obama’s “State of the Union ” speech, while rhetorically strong, was weak on addressing jobs, debt and government over-spending.

How sincere is he about creating jobs when General Motors, bailed out by American taxpayers and partially owned by the Obama Administration, plans to build a $500 million factory in Mexico to produce new vehicles and eight cylinder engines?

How ironic that Obama’s Chairman of his Council on Jobs and Competitiveness, G.E. President and CEO Jeffrey Immelt, recently approved closing its Winchester, Va. light bulb factory and laying off 200 American workers. This to comply with Obama’s “Green” economy and use of dangerous Mercury filled CFL corkscrew bulbs that will probably be manufactured overseas.

The President proposes a high-speed railway we don’t need and can’t afford. Meanwhile, discouraging domestic oil exploration and production is creating $3.00 plus gasoline and home-heating oil prices and leaving America vulnerable to fickle Arab oil barons.

Are we better off under Pres. Obama? The recession is really not over. Jobs are scarce, home prices collapsed, our debt is in the trillions and inflation worsening. America’s world class medical system has been compromised and we depend on Communist China to buy our debt. Foreign oil cartels control our energy costs, and illegal aliens still invade our borders, take jobs and hope to be rewarded for breaking our laws with citizenship and voting rights.