While political and moral objections to artificial fluoridation of our drinking water are valid so are certain undisputed facts. From an engineering standpoint, controlling the dosage of fluoride chemical to obtain safe uniformity of one part per million gallons of water throughout a grid network consisting of miles of pipes is formidable and no one can guarantee similar safety to all people.

Medically, fluorides, hydrofluoric acid, hydro fluosilicic acid, sodium fluoride and sodium silicofluoride are all poisons. Even if the amount of fluoride put into the water system is controlled, barring mistakes or accidents, the amount imbibed can’t be.

Fluoride, unlike chlorine, is colorless, odorless, is not used for purification, can never be boiled off but, in fact, becomes more concentrated. Fluoridation causes staining of teeth and too much makes teeth brittle. Water supply fluoridation is the most haphazard, unscientific health measure ever advanced.

Money-wise fluoridation is absurd. Ninety nine percent goes down the drain, only 1/1500 of water supply is used for drinking and 1/100 of one percent is used by children 6 to 10 years old, the age when teeth are matured. If a fraction of the time and money were spent to educate people on what causes food decay, we would be better off.

It only took 50 years to finally realize the only practical, efficient, safe and economical method of administering fluoride to children is by tablet form.