Seniors and Baby Boomers beware. Commencing January 1, 2011 the Obama “Death Panels” are now under the aegis of Medicare. Doctors will be reimbursed for providing “end of life” counseling including directions on eliminating life-sustaining treatment which may hasten death.

On June 15, 2009, Pres. Obama said, “Make no mistake: the cost of health care is a threat to our economy. To avoid this America must make drastic cuts in Medicaid and Medicare”.

Congressional Democrats then proposed a $500 billion cut in Medicare and $40 billion slash of funds for Nursing Homes and Assisted living facilities plus new taxes on branded drugs and medical devices. The Obama Administration believes Americans should follow Europeans who accept “hopeless diagnosis” as a justifiable option for withholding treatments for age-related maladies”. Funds generated by rationing care for seniors would provide medical coverage to millions of uninsured including illegal aliens.

Polls indicate seniors comprise a majority of Tea Party supporters. Is it coincidental they have been signaled out for “end of life’ counseling? Is it coincidental that left-wing environmental groups like “Friends of the Earth” and “Greenpeace” believe “the globe is being warmed by too many humans and population controls can provide relief by reducing human exhalation of Carbon Dioxide”?

The question we must ask is whether politics or finances are the main reasons for mistreating those who need health care the most; the elderly, disabled and gravely ill?