Overturning “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” is more than permitting homosexuals and lesbians to serve openly in the military. It is also similar to condoning same sex marriages. Both ignore potential consequences of conferring dignity and acceptance on lifestyles responsible for 25 million AIDS deaths worldwide and one million Americans with HIV.

Sometimes, actions have unintended consequences that are far more objectionable than simply satisfying social dogmas. No doubt, our military can adopt and it won’t adversely impact combat readiness. What is ignored, however, is the fact that perverted sex is the primary cause of HIV/AIDS transmission not only in the United Sates but worldwide. It should not be considered normal or moral behavior without also weighing and discussing corresponding serious health implications.

The AIDS plague has been called a pandemic and a Washington report almost a year ago indicated that in spite of all efforts in medical science it is growing and, most often, by men having sex with men.

There is an effective way to limit the spread of sexually transmitted disease. It is available, completely safe, inexpensive and requires no long term study, research or medical advancements. We must simply stop condoning same sex relationships as acceptable and normal behavior. If animals understand this, why is it so difficult for humans?