Congressional Democrats, many of whom were voted out of office, are frustrated by voter disapproval and rejection and hope that catering to illegal aliens will attract new supporters. Their “Dream Act” is simply a back door pathway to bypassing conventional immigration procedures and rewarding lawbreakers with taxpayer-subsidized programs, citizenship and voting rights.

President Obama’s Education Secretary said, “Those who enter our country illegally should be given a pathway to citizenship because they play by the rules”. Since when does anyone who breaks American laws play by the rules?

Virtually no one objects to rewarding illegal aliens with a short cut to citizenship if they honorably serve in our military. Doing so by lame duck democrats to anyone else severely impacts all, especially, New Jersey taxpayers. It encourages additional illegal settlement adversely affecting our educational system, health and hospital facilities, correctional institutions and the scarce service and construction job market.

Approving self-serving politically motivated legislation to enhance Party enrollment simply ignores public sentiment and is a direct affront to all. New Jersey’s huge budget shortfall, confiscatory taxes and a jobless recovery require American jobs to go to Americans not foreign law-breakers.

Our problem is not immigration but our government’s unwillingness to adequately protect our nation’s sovereignty, borders and security. For Democrat Senator Harry Reid to cleverly attach this bill to pending Defense Authorization Legislation proves he realizes it lacks support on its own by most Americans.