Liberals seem intent on remaking America; yet, do we really approve their fundamental changes to our society? For example, should groups like the (ACLU) American Civil Liberties Union dictate when and where citizens pray? Is it just or moral to favor death rather than life for the unborn?


Do perverted relationships or same sex marriage help alleviate the major causes of HIV/AIDS transmission in the United States and worldwide? How many more young boys will become victims of homosexual pedophiles who belong to groups like (NAMBLA), the North American Man Boy Love Association?

Do we really want our country to legalize recreational marijuana? How will Americans feel when those under the influence of legalized drugs operate private, public and commercial vehicles or aircraft or perform operating room surgical procedures?

Should liberal Democrats reward potential criminals, drug cartel members and possible terrorists that sneak into our country illegally with citizenship and voting rights? Should the Justice Department overlook voting rights abuses against white voters by club-wielding Black Panther Party members at polling places?

Do we really favor Socialist inspired redistribution of wealth, confiscatory taxation, trillion dollar deficits, and governmental control over our banks, insurance companies and automobile manufacturers? Do we favor changing the best medical system in the world for one that will doom seniors, raise everybody’s medical costs, cost thousands of jobs and leave our nation unable to provide ample medical services for all?

“This is the America liberals’ wish to be ‘Willed’ to our children and grandchildren and should be remembered when Barack Obama and fellow democrats seek re-election in 2012.