Is the Tea Party racist? According to nationally syndicated columnist Eugene Robinson, it is. His recent newspaper column entitled; “Tea Party’s ire seems linked to Obama’s race” concluded that Tea Party members must be racist. Why? Because he claims the target of their criticism is a black president.

Mr. Robinson included one short sentence claiming, “It’s not racist to criticize the President, be conservative or belong to the Tea Party.” He then devoted the entire balance of his lengthy column to explaining the exact opposite.

Robinson claimed. “I ask what’s different about Obama and the answer is pretty obvious. He’s black”. One wonders whether the writer’s criticism of George Bush was based on the fact he was white.

Evidently, Mr. Robinson cannot fathom why the American people prefer Free Market Capitalism to Socialism. Nor, does he accept the premise it is not racist to oppose unwanted and undesirable changes.

On November 2nd the American people, including Tea Party participants spoke very clearly. Barack Obama was repudiated not because he’s black but because he’s wrong. He was rebuffed, not because Americans are racist but because they reject his brand of leadership and policies.

The recent election was incomplete, however, and the final stage will occur November 2012.