Its time to boycott companies that sponsor “The View ” on ABC television. We should not purchase products or services from those who support programs featuring and condoning disgusting outbursts of hate-filled rhetoric and bias.

If a television network can’t control or stifle personal ranting, raving, name calling and language that crosses the line of decency it should be shunned. There is no reason to mollycoddle a frustrated woman like Joy Behar whose sole claim to fame is her proclivity to spew classless left-wing bias. When a major television network can’t control a program’s hosts who walk off the set in the middle of a broadcast they don’t deserve corporate sponsorships.

Unfortunately, “The View” hosted by Barbara Walters has deteriorated into a one sided forum for no-nothing liberals to vent their personal frustrations. If the network is no longer capable of maintaining decorum or decency, its time for Ms. Walters and The View to say goodbye.

Meanwhile, send ABC television a loud and clear message by boycotting The View’s sponsors.