Democrats Victimize Seniors The Most

     Whether already retired or contemplating a work-free life of leisure and enjoyment, seniors, more than any other group, have been victimized by Barack Obama and his Party. Lifelong dreams of enjoying the so-called “Golden Years” are being destroyed by the Democrat Party’s experiment with Socialism,  irresponsible spending, taxing and huge trillion dollar deficits.
     Not only are seniors themselves impacted, many are obligated to assist children and grandchildren mired in a jobless economy, enduring record setting home foreclosures and with a seemingly paralyzed Federal Government incapable of providing sound corrective policies.
     Retirement plans that included dependence on either small pensions, income from retirement accounts, Social Security or investment income have been decimated by a failed economy, current interest rates and shadow costs of living increases. This has been further exacerbated by Congressional Democrats who denied Social Security costs of living increases to seniors but conveniently passed one for themselves.
      Failed real estate and mortgage markets have depressed lifetime investments in homes.  For those who hoped to exchange them for retirement or assisted living villages or pass their value to future generations the advantages have been lost. Meanwhile, the Democrat Congress has passed Cap and Trade legislation, a Health Bill overhaul and other measures that will adversely impact every family with new or increased taxes.
     Before voting, seniors should ask whether they and their loved ones are better off under Barack Obama and a one Party dictatorship in Washington. If not, isn’t it time for a change?