Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness should include the right to enjoy the staffs of life, cookies, cake and ice cream without interference or controls established by omnipotent government.

But beware; governmental social engineering based on nutritional values could threaten our constitutional rights and are scary omens of possible future prohibitions.

A recent governmental order that those on welfare benefits or food stamps should be barred from using the proceeds to purchase sugary drinks and soda poses the possibility that other culinary desires could eventually face the same fate, either restriction or elimination.

If nutritional Nazis have their way, birthday cakes could be replaced by tomato salads and multi-tiered wedding cakes by huge bowls of salad greens. Don’t succumb to propaganda claiming salads, vegetables and other forms of rabbit food are more enjoyable and delectable than ultra-sweet desserts.

A tasteless bowl of salad greens, even when enhanced by dressing and crispy croutons, is no match for a gooey cake or ice cream sundae replete with savory sweet topping, whipped cream piled high and topped by a juicy red cherry.

Take away our right of free choice in food selection and the Tea Party revolution will seem inconsequential in comparison. Think right, eat sweets and enjoy life.