Is there anyone in the Republican Party who understands politics or are they all brain dead? Why are they allowing the President and his wife to openly campaign and attend fund-raising activities without criticism and providing a running cost to taxpayers?

How much do American taxpayers pay to operate Air Force One and subsidiary aircraft from Washington D.C. to out of state campaign stops? How much does it cost them to transport Mr. Obama or his wife, Michelle, his and her staffs, Secret Service, the presidential limousine, house photographers and technicians to set up his teleprompter.

While the American economy has double-digit unemployment, record foreclosures and trillion dollar deficits, shouldn’t taxpayers know how much the President is spending on personal and Democrat Party business? Certainly, the Republican Party, if anyone, should be on top of this.

The President is embarking on a new five-state campaign to raise money and encourage a get-out-the-vote campaign for his liberal base of support. His wife, Michelle, is planning separate campaign swings in different cities. Both will be using government planes for themselves and staffs. Its time to make public a daily cost to taxpayers of those campaign safaris by Mr. Obama and his wife and I implore responsible Republican leaders to wake up start informing the public.