America is experiencing a foreign invasion not an immigration problem. While national sovereignty should be dependant on border safety and security, the Obama Administration is allowing invading enemy forces to terrorize, murder and rape American citizens that reside in states bordering Mexico. Forgotten is his oath to protect and defend our nation from domestic and foreign enemies. His Administration has no idea whether these foreign invaders have criminal backgrounds, are members of drug cartels or are potential terrorists.

Ironically, sympathetic Democrat politicians support this mass incursion and see millions of these law-breakers as future Obama voters and the key to Democrat Party victories in November 2012. They ignore illegals that use marches and protests to intimidate American citizens, public officials and law enforcement authorities.

Democrats are so enamored by the prospect of 12 million new Party supporters obligated to them for providing citizenship and the right to vote, they disregard dangers to our nation and the health, safety and security of American citizens. They ignore the enormous tax burdens imposed to service illegal alien needs including various subsidies, health care, educational benefits and incarceration of their criminal element.

Tragically, construction and service related unions, also see millions of foreign invaders as potential dues-paying members. Businesses exploit them for providing cheap labor. How ironic, that our President is more concerned about about granting back-door amnesty to foreigners who covet their jobs while their unions see a dues bonanza and businesses covet cheap labor to withhold those same jobs.