President Obama’s liberal base should be jubilant over our military’s latest”greening” effort. Yes, the Army will soon be waging eco-friendly warfare in Afghanistan. A key feature of all new small caliper ammunition will be lack of lead.

      The research and development for these new cartridges took place at the Army’s Picatinney Arsenal in New Jersey. The M855A1 Enhanced Performance Round will eliminate up to 2,000 tons of lead from manufacturing process each year. While the new rounds are said to incorporate other features, greening was the main objective. Shipment of these eco-friendly bullets will commence soon to our forces in Afghanistan.

     No doubt, the President is extremely happy, environmentalists are elated and both al-Qaida and Taliban fighters relieved since no longer must they fear lead poisoning if they are shot. While this satisfies Obama supporters, will it encourage radical Muslim forces to incorporate green technology in their roadside bombs and attacks on innocent civilians?

     One can only wonder whether a touch of floral fragrance will be next for Obama’s Army.