Pre-packaging an Afghanistan surrender

Laying the groundwork for withdrawal rather than victory in Afghanistan is pre-packaged retreat and surrender. No wonder our military is disenchanted with the Obama Administration. Asking dedicated American servicemen and women to face death or possible maiming because of incomprehensible “rules of engagement” and a no-win policy should be grounds for impeachment. America would have lost WWII if this type of strategy were in affect.

Maybe Gen. Stanley McChrystal and his staff were correct that military strategy formulated by political know-nothings and a Commander-in Chief who’s sole experience was attained as a “Community Organizer” is seriously flawed.

Sure, Obama will be able to point to war’s end just in time for his re-election campaign but that will mean al-Quida and the Taliban will have Afghanistan all to themselves and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice will have done so in vain.

It makes no difference whether the commanding officer is Gen. David Petreaus or another. However, naming Gen. Petraeus was a masterstroke of genius that very cleverly ties any future military defeat or embarrassment to no one else but George W. Bush .