Instead of devoting his speech to ending the B.P. oil spill, assisting those impacted and commencing a meaningful cleanup, Barack Obama was more interested in environmental hype and Cap & Tax. For those unfamiliar, one facet of H.R. 2454 will require a license to sell our homes.

While the Democrat Congress has already passed this legislation the Senate has not. Beginning one year after enactment, we won’t be able to sell our homes unless they are retrofitted to comply with government-established energy and efficiency standards. The Congressional Budget Office estimates compliance costs to every homeowner of $6,800, the largest tax increase in history

The Cap & Trade tax bill also proposes “Smart Grid Technology” to monitor and control energy use in every home and office. Power suppliers would be required to install Smart Grid equipment in addition to gas and electric meters in places of business and residential abodes. The government will then establish minimum and maximum temperatures of winter heating, summer cooling, hot water, limits on lighting, use of home and manufacturing appliances, radio, television plus washing and drying of clothes. Those exceeding mandated energy limitations could incur additional taxes or fees based on carbon use. The government will actually be in our offices, homes and bedrooms determining the temperature it would like to maintain, rather than the level that makes us feel comfortable.

In reality, Obama’s “clean energy proposals” threaten America’s status as the world’s leading industrial nation. If we abandon exploration and safe development of oil reserves, America loses jobs and remains dependent on OPEC and fickle anti-U.S. dictators.