Is a President of Muslim background a distinct disadvantage in combating radical Muslim terrorism? Can in-born sympathies and allegiances conflict with a President’s oath to protect and defend our Nation and Constitution? When the Obama Administration renamed the “War on Terror” an “Overseas Contingency Operation” was that naïve, misguided or deliberately deceptive in order to deflect criticism of potential terrorism? Are threats by radical Jihadists being ignored or minimized in deference to the President?

When the President’s hand-picked Attorney General, Eric holder Jr. is reluctant to blame radical Islam for terrorist attacks, is he speaking for himself, Barack Obama or both? When the Administration’s foreign policy includes a cold shoulder for our friend and ally, Israel, is it to mollify and bolster Middle East Muslims? Where in our founding documents does it guarantee any rights for captured enemy combatants and both domestic and foreign-born Muslim terrorists?

Must America wait until terrorists become more adept at successful bomb making before we wake up and wage an aggressive campaign to combat radical Islam? Why should recommendations of the ACLU supercede those of America’s front line protectors of our nation’s safety, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence Agency? And, finally, is the Administration’s refusal to seal our borders making America more vulnerable to foreign terrorists and another 9/11 catastrophe?