PARTY REALIGNMENT Key to Conservative victory


No doubt, America needs a Conservative revolution to halt and reverse a furtherdrift toward Socialism. Whether it materializes through creation of a splinter party or philosophical realignment of the existing two party system is critical.

Recent citizen backlash over excessive deficit spending, confiscatory taxation and government intrusion into the private sector has helped fuel public indignation and creation of Tea Party protests. Some suggest harnessing this rebellion and fervor into formation of a third political party.

History indicates splinter parties are rarely effective and could actually pose a double-edged sword. Utilizing a third party to co-endorse conservative candidates could be effective by providing winning margins. Fielding either a Tea Party candidate or slate of candidates in a three-way campaign could split the conservative vote and elect liberals.

Danger also exists that politically astute liberal Democrats might pose as Tea Party adherents, designate spoiler candidates and thereby split the opposition resulting in liberal victories.

A better solution with less risk remains realignment of the two party system along philosophical lines similar to that in Great Britain and actually provides a better fit for both liberals and conservatives.

Those who seek office as Labor Party candidates, as well as those who support them, understand they are England’s Socialists. Those who are Conservative Party candidates and supporters are true to their philosophy.

Hopefully, this nation’s party realignment can differentiate between those who believe in Capitalism, a free market economy and limited government and those who would feel much more comfortable living under radical Socialism.