OBAMA'S BLUE RIBBON PANEL Road to more tax blues

Why appoint a “Blue Ribbon Panel” to determine the cause of our country’s debts and deficits? It seems like only the President and left-wing Democrat Congress don’t understand.

A $13 trillion national debt, incompetence, arrogance, overtaxing, over spending and over borrowing is the reason. Add redistribution of wealth, private sector government interference and the consequences are obvious.

The Obama Administration now requires a new stream of income to bankroll their liberal agenda and march toward Socialism. What better way than have a “Panel of Experts” recommend a method to satisfy their insatiable appetite for spending? That way, it is hoped Americans won’t blame Mr. Obama for breaking campaign promises to only stiff the rich.

The trick is proposing a subliminal “Value Added Tax” that wouldn’t be seen at cash registers but added onto the cost of materials and products at each stage of manufacture or distribution and passed on as part of purchase prices. The term tax would never be outwardly associated with increased costs.

The hardest impact would be on the poor and middle class, the very people Barack Obama claimed would be spared under his promise of “Hope and Change”. His cover and protectors will remain the Fourth Estate and main stream communication media who will vilify the “Panel” but absolve the purveyor of “Hope and Hype”.

No wonder anti-tax citizen revolts and Tea Party populism are flourishing. American needs a Conservative revolution to take back our wonderful country.