Democrats have a Master Plan for radically remaking America. The scheme entails enactment of Barack Obama’s main 2010 legislative priority, “Immigration Reform”. Most Americans agree illegal immigration is an affront to taxpayers and immigrants who gain citizenship lawfully. Liberal Democrats believe passage will guarantee millions of new loyal Party supporters and insure continuity of their congressional domination, Obama’s re-election in 2012 and eventual acceptance of their complete Socialist agenda.

If approved, no longer will rights traditionally associated with American citizenship be unique to naturally born residents or those who lawfully attain them. Under the pretense of providing an orderly “Pathway to Citizenship” for those who flaunt our laws and enter our country illegally, more will be accomplished than simply rewarding criminality. Our political landscape could be completely altered by eradicating the traditional two party system and establishing a single party dictatorship in perpetuity. The key to achieving this dictatorial control would be granting citizenship and, more importantly, voting rights to between 12 and 20 million illegal aliens and, thereby, encouraging more to follow.

Unlike the issues of Health Care Reform and Cap & Trade, Immigration Reform would be a Democrat Party unifier. So-called Blue Dogs, who demurred on previous legislation because they were in Red Districts or, who attributed their incumbency to Barack Obama’s coattails, will become more eager to follow Congressional Leaders Rep.Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Harry Reid. Evidently, exchanging the welfare of out-of-work Americans for new political supporters will be the new Democrat Party priority.