The Obama Administration and Democrat Congress favor rewarding those who sneak into this country and deliberately break our laws with the benefits and advantages of citizenship. Estimates are that between 12 and 20 million could be affected.

Many questions should be addressed before this proposal is considered. Do most in our nation support this approach? Shouldn’t we first insure that all of our country’s borders are made impenetrable? Is there a better, more just method of addressing immigration reform? Do most Americans support rewarding criminality?

Is it fair to foreigners who seek American citizenship by following established legal rules and procedures? During a serious economic recession would this policy benefit American citizens who are out of work and seeking jobs, especially, in the construction and service industries? Who actually benefits the most by rewarding alien criminals with citizenship and inherent voting rights?

The answer is President Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. They understand completely that providing this sacred privilege to millions of new potential supporters will insure their Party’s dictatorship in perpetuity. Gone will be the checks and balances inherent in a two party system and government.

How would our founding fathers feel about trading citizenship for votes?

Many Democrats will approve until they find that, like the Health Care proposal, future legislation, regulations, imposition of taxes and political bribery occur in secret and behind closed doors in a dictatorship. Meanwhile, how sad that we will not be passing on to our grandchildren the wonderful America our nation’s forefathers, grandparents and parents bequeathed to us. Is this really a “change we can believe in”?