Must we endure another Muslim attack before recognizing the incompetence and culpability of liberal Democrats, the Obama Administration and leftist groups like the ACLU? During the last 6 months we have undergone a number of Obama-named “Man-caused disasters”, alias “Jihadist terrorist” attacks. The most recent, the Fort Hood massacre and attempt to destroy Northwest Airline’s Flight 235 Christmas day proved two things. Our security system since Barack Obama replaced George Bush and Homeland Security Sec. Janet Napolitano are both catastrophic failures and she should be summarily fired.

It’s not the ability or inability but the unwillingness to recognize Muslim terrorism and those dedicated to killing the innocent. Napolitano seemed quite adept at identifying loyal Americans, former military members, Conservatives and Tea Party participants as extremists. She finds Muslim Jihadists more difficult to classify because of mandates emanating from the White House.

Her initial assessment was that our security measures functioned properly since no lives were lost. The fact is the Administration’s security measures were a catastrophic failure. No lives were lost in the plane incident because the Muslim terrorist was incompetent in bomb making and airline passengers were fearless heroes.

Preventing terrorist murder is more than simply good intelligence or watching no-fly lists for potential radicals. As long as the ACLU-influenced Obama Administration rejects proper screening, identification and profiling, a follow-up terrorist attack will occur. Unfortunately, we may not be so lucky next time.

In the name of Civil Liberties must we fall victim to another 9/11 disaster? Profiling and use of proper identification equipment must be used to prevent another airline disaster. How utterly insane it is to strip search or pat down little old ladies and those who are pregnant but allow Islamic males to be ignored because of political correctness.