Obama Democrats have a Master Plan for maintaining their one party dictatorship. It’s called Immigration Reform or rewarding criminality. By legalizing a path to citizenship and voting rights for illegal aliens they hope to garner an estimated 30 million new supporters. This increase would preserve their control of both the White House and Congress in perpetuity. In other words, their dictatorship would be virtually guaranteed.

Providing amnesty will also encourage millions more to test our porous borders. Many will be dangerous criminals as foreign governments empty their prisons and ship the unwanted here.

Add to this, liberal support of an Open Borders Policy plus dismantling of both immigration controls and homeland security and the floodgates will open wide. Granting citizenship to criminals is not fair to those who come here legally and earn the right to enjoy our freedoms and benefits.

Neither is it right that an estimated 16 million unemployed Americans who can’t find jobs must compete against illegal aliens. Nor, is it a just reward for those who have suffered or are the victims of alien criminality. In addition, it places an unbearable toll on taxpayers that have to subsidize their care, welfare, and education and bear the financial burden of incarcerating those who commit crimes. Nor, is it right to count illegal aliens in the 2010 Census when it determines the composition of Congressional representation.

Finally, I object vehemently to those in New Jersey who favor providing illegal aliens with the luxury of “In State” college tuition rates. Providing a pathway to citizenship for those who break our laws is comparable to rewarding a convicted felon with freedom if he pays a minimal fine and then welcoming him as a savior.