The Copenhagen Climate talks are much more threatening than environmental schemers and scammers simply discussing regulations and taxes to reduce the world’s CO2 emissions. Although considered extremely controversial, some prominent attending organizations believe curbing population growth through contraception and abortion is key to fighting global warming.Major leftist groups such as “Friends of the Earth” and “Greenpeace” believe that simply limiting industrial and energy –generated Carbon Dioxide emissions is insufficient. Neither will eliminating use of fossil fuels adequately lower global warming.

Jonathon Porritt, Chairman of both Great Britain’s “Sustainable Development Commission” and the “Green Party” said that we must alter our emphasis on curing illness to increasing contraception and abortion. He claims illness is not as effective in limiting Carbon Dioxide emissions as controlling population growth. Porritt said, “Think of the immense progress in population control we could get with a major flu epidemic or bold new plague”.

If this approach seems perverted and foreign to our thinking, consider the recent commentary by Ellen Goodman, an American nationally syndicated columnist in New Jersey’s Asbury Park Press. Under the heading, “Globe being warmed by too many humans” she suggested that lightening the planet’s burden of human beings by instituting population controls can also widen the chances for women”.

Environmental leftists seem adept at suppressing and manipulating scientific evidence, falsifying world climate data and becoming wealthy marketing carbon offsets. America must not fall victim to either a new World Order or financing foreign environmental obligations. Neither should we underestimate the intentions of those who advocate Euthanasia or Fatalistic Diagnosis as a means to reduce human exhalation of CO2.