Will the Democrat’s Health Care proposals impact seniors? Many doctors, nurses and health facilities treating the elderly believe the ramifications are very scary. They forecast extensive rationing of services and possible life-threatening delays in treatment and performing necessary operations. Additionally, certain procedures including installation of life-saving medical devices could be denied based solely on age and cost.

Reduced reimbursements may also cause some doctors and health care facilities to limit or establish quotas for Medicare patients. Surely, higher private insurance premiums and medical costs for those on Social Security will rise to cover the impact of adding millions of uninsured to the federal program.

Initially, red flags were raised when Democrats included “end of life counseling” in their legislation in the hope American seniors would agree to forgo expensive care for age-related maladies. Then, they opted to reduce $500 billion budgeted for Medicaid and Medicare. This was followed by a proposal slashing $42 billion from Home Health Care and subsidies for assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

The latest scheme is a back door alternative to the “Public Option”. People 55 years and older including 31 million uninsured, millions of illegals and an estimated 72 million “baby boomers” will be permitted to buy into Medicare. Eventually, this socialist experiment will lead to a total government takeover of the country’s medical system.

Without a substantial increase in doctors, nurses and care facilities, America could see severe rationing and service limitations similar to that in Europe’s Socialist countries. Seniors, more than any other group, will be impacted and an unmanageable debt passed on to future generations that could eventually bankrupt our nation. Such is the consequence of one party left wing dictatorship.