Make no mistake, the key component of Barack Obama’s Afghanistan white flag surrender proposal is the Democrat Party’s September 2012 Presidential Nominating Convention. According to his plan, radical Muslim extremists in both Al-Qaida and the Taliban now know America’s military will commence withdrawal starting July 2011. That will insure our forces sufficient time to be home prior to his re-nomination for a second term and the enemy will be free to roam, pillage and kill again unabated. This will provide Mr. Obama the option of taking kudos if the surge is successful or blaming the military if it fails.

It took three long casualty-filled months for America’s Commander-in-Chief, alias Community Organizer, to mastermind a strategy that appeases the liberal left wing of his party. For the very first time in history, a nation’s leader is proposing military forces preset a date for surrender prior to deployment. Just the thought of an American President advocating such a warped proposal should cut against the grain of all that love and admire this nation.

How utterly incomprehensible for an America’s President to order our sons, daughters and loved ones into battle, to fight and possibly die with a mission objective of pre-planned capitulation. It was General Douglas MacArthur who cautioned that our nation should never engage in a war unless the goal was victory. Former Community Organizer, Barack Obama believes differently and his marvelous ability to articulate our language lacks that critical goal or desire.

Surely, our founding fathers and, especially, those who have made both minor and ultimate sacrifices defending our nation must be thankful that they never had to serve under a Commander-in Chief who has so little respect for the military and America’s history and principles.