New Jersey Democrats and lame duck Gov. Jon Corzine are intent on legalizing same sex marriage before he leaves office. Discussion of this issue ignores the fact that perverted sex, a primary component of homosexual and lesbian behavior, is the major cause of HIV/AIDS transmission. In addition, homosexuals who adhere to NAMBLA, the North American Man Boy Love Association and who prey on young males will feel their perversity less objectionable if same sex marriage is legalized.

The AIDS plague has been called a pandemic and is responsible for 25 million deaths worldwide. Another estimated 38 million live with HIV and one million of those are Americans. Undeterred by the California vote to overturn same sex marriages, the plan is to have the Garden State join Connecticut and Massachusetts in approving such relationships. It would replace the New Jersey Civil-Unions Law that allows same sex couples the rights of marriage without the title.

What is needed now to head off such action is a ballot initiative similar to that adopted by 31 other states including Arizona, Florida and California.

There is an effective way to limit the spread of sexually transmitted disease both for our state and nation. It is completely safe, inexpensive and requires no long term study, research or medical advancements. We must simply stop condoning same sex relationships as acceptable human behavior for they are both immoral and abnormal. Once and for all, marriage should be strictly recognized and sanctioned between one man and one woman. Unfortunately, if New Jersey were to approve same sex marriage, one can justifiably speculate that the spread of HIV/AIDS will continue statewide for years to come. Hopefully, saner, more enlightened and morally uncorrupted politicians prevail.