Under House Democrat’s Cap & Trade legislation the sanctity of our homes will be sacrificed to satisfy environmental schemers and scammers. Government imposition of regulations and taxes will be extremely intrusive and costly.

All fossil fuel power generating companies will be required to install Smart Grid Technology in every home and business. Energy used for lighting, heating, air conditioning and heating water will be monitored and taxes imposed according to theoretical production of Carbon Dioxide emissions. Experts estimate this could cost every household and small business between $2,000 and $3,000 yearly, the largest tax increase in American history. Failure to abide by strict energy usage limitations and temperature requirements could also risk heavy fines.

Even more foreboding is Section 202 of the Cap & Trade bill (H.R. 2454) that includes a Building Retrofit Program. Prior to resale, all homes must comply with arbitrary water and energy efficiency standards established by an EPA Administrator. A license or (“label” in the Act) must be posted on every property to permit sale. Initially, requirements will be set low to encourage congressional approval of the Act. However, under the “American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009” tougher standards will be gradually increased and $50 million budgeted yearly for administrative expenses. The Congressional Budget Office estimates the cost of compliance in order to resell the average home would be $8,000 for required changes.

Under the pretext of fighting Climate Change, nee Global Warming, these proposals increase government costs and control over our lives, yet, most scientists believe the earth is actually cooling and man-made Carbon Dioxide emissions have absolutely no impact on its temperature or climatic changes.