Is America in greater danger because of a Muslim-born President? When the Obama Administration renamed the “War on Terror” an “Overseas Contingency Operation” was that naïve, misguided or deliberately deceptive in order to deflect criticism of potential Muslim terrorism? Are threats by radical Jihadists being ignored or minimized in deference to the President? Must we wait until an act of terrorism actually takes place again to confront a potential perpetrator?

These questions are inexorably linked to the Fort Hood, Texas murder of 13 adults, one yet to be born and injuring of 28 other innocents. All may have been saved if our Counter-Intelligence Services, the FBI and even some of our nation’s senior military officers were not intimidated by the Administration’s advocacy of political correctness and diversity.

Our hearts go out to those family members grieving murdered loved ones. How ironic that when President Barack Obama and his trusted teleprompters participated in solemn ceremonies at Fort Hood, never once was the term ” terrorist” uttered. Yet, he did not miss the opportunity to “caution that we should not rush to judgement”. That comment was directly aimed at those who identify Maj.Nidal Malik Hasan as a radical Islamic terrorist. They are specifically targeted against those who point out that Hasan’s own business card indicated he was an active Muslim Jihadist. He believed that all “infidels”, alias non-Muslims, “should have their throats cut and boiling oil poured down their throats”.

We must recognize that the Fort Hood, Texas massacre was the first successful terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. It took place during the Obama Presidency and, if we allow liberal Democrats and the ACLU to also dismember the Patriot Act, it may not be the last.