The number of Americans who would normally encourage and support their sons and daughters to serve in the Armed Forces under Commander-in-Chief Barack Obama may be coming to a halt. Advocates of a purely voluntary military may find the future response to that policy extremely unacceptable to the American people.

In August, the President’s hand-picked General, Stanley McChrystal requested sufficient troop reinforcements and equipment to insure this nation’s mission in Afghanistan and insure the safety of all American forces under his command. The White House has stood mute except to issue periodic press releases indicating the request is being studied. To date no decision has been forthcoming and over 3 months have passed.

Neither troops or equipment has been committed by the President, yet, during this period almost 100 American service personal have been killed, most in the area where assistance was requested. During that same time, Pres. Obama’s major priorities have included nation-wide Democrat Party fund raising jaunts to both coasts, trips to bolster sagging prospective party candidates, fun, games, dances and Hollywood entertainment in the White House, golfing trips and a failed attempt to attract the 2016 Olympics to satisfy his home town roots.

Americans must ask certain questions. Would those American soldiers be alive today if the necessary help were authorized in time? Should America fight a war without a firm commitment for victory by our President and most importantly, is someone who’s only experience is that of a Community Organizer qualified to be our military’s Commander-in-Chief?