American troops are dying in two wars while Barack Obama is making campaign-style speeches, attending partisan political rallies, using Air Force One to attend Broadway shows and parties and posing for photo ops.

It took him over two months to discuss battlefield conditions with handpicked Gen. Stanley McChrystal. And, he still can’t decide whether to honor recommendations that might prevent further U.S. casualties and prevent losing the war. Maybe Obama must first check with military experts such as David Axlerod, Rom Emanuel, George Soros, the ACLU and ACORN before making a decision.

The President’s National Security Adviser downplayed the threat of renewed al-Qaida attacks in Afghanistan and claimed enemy forces, “number less than 100”. This coincided with an ambush by 300 al-Qaida and Taliban forces that killed 9 Americans in one day and 16 for the week.

A Commander-in Chief’s first obligation is to insure our military men and women receive necessary equipment and support forces to successfully complete their mission and insure their safety. Delaying such a decision borders on dereliction of duty and high treason.

Meanwhile, it’s no surprise the liberal media has mysteriously ended running a daily count of American casualties that flooded the airwaves during Obama’s Presidential campaign. Evidently, this information no longer serves their left-wing propaganda purposes.

While our sons and daughters may be dying unnecessarily, Obama’s long time racist, un-American Pastor might be mighty proud of his protegee. God help our nation.