We were very fortunate and captured an Al-Qaida-trained terrorist intent on committing mass murder. If successful, it might have been far worse that the 9/11 attacks that killed and maimed over 3,000 innocent American men, women children.

But, according to law enforcement authorities, he had accomplices whose whereabouts are unknown. Nor, do the FBI and NYC Police know where these terrorists stored previously purchased bomb-making materials.

Protecting Americans should be the first priority of our government and President. Yet, the Obama Administration, using Guantanamo Bay as an example, has instituted a policy that defies the Constitution and reason. Rights of terrorists supercede the safety and welfare of American citizens. We are unable to use methods that might glean information on the whereabouts of either terrorist accomplices or hidden bomb-making materials.

Why? Because liberal ideologues claim methods that might provide life-saving information infringe on the rights of terrorists. Isn’t it strange that the ACLU never publicly criticized Al-Qaida’s beheading of their prisoners?

It’s time we agree that terrorists should forsake any and all rights when they devote their lives to killing the innocent. If waterboarding could obtain information that might save American lives, I say dunk and keep dunking. If that doesn’t work, ask Vice President Chaney for advice. After all, following 9/11, his expertise kept America safe for almost eight years.

Allowing life-saving information to remain unknown is stupid, naive and invites a future attack. We all pray it won’t occur and no additional Americans will be murdered but if it does, as former Presidant Harry Truman inferred, it will be the responsibility of the Obama White House. That’s where the buck stops.