A citizen-based Conservative revolution seems intent on taking back Congress and the Presidency. They see increasing power of centralized government and liberal policies threatening the survival of individual freedom and Capitalism.

Recent tea parties and town hall meetings are strikingly similar to events that preceded the Reagan Revolution. Response by current members of the fourth estate and liberal media, in their descriptions and criticisms of today’s Conservative re-awakening, mirror those of 45 years ago.

Similar to the recent Tea Party demonstration in our nation’s capital, another took place in July 1963. It was Washington’s National Armory where thousands attended a Draft Goldwater Rally to support his nomination for President. Just as leftist politicians and pro-Obama union goons attempt to disrupt and discredit tea parties and town hall meetings, similar characters blessed that occasion.

George Lincoln Rockwell’s storm troopers replete with uniforms, high black leather boots and swastika arm bands were goose-stepping and shouting, ” Barry Goldwater was a Jew and a liberal in disguise”. Separating them from liberals chanting, ” Goldwater was a Fascist and an anti-Semite”, were District of Columbia police and beautiful German Shepherd dogs.

Everyone departed the rally enlightened, inspired and sure that America would be saved from Collectivism, Liberalism, Socialism and Communism and John Fitzgerald Kennedy was serving as a lame duck President. Rallying cries of “Kennedy for King, Goldwater for President and “AuH2O64” were everywhere. None envisioned the event that occurred in November that year and its effect on the ’64 election.

The liberal press and communications media were lost for words to describe how successful the entire rally had been. They did report the appearance of Rockwell’s admirers on the scene and announced for the benefit of the entire nation that; ” his Neo-Nazis had attended the Draft Goldwater Rally”. Sound familiar?