If our government’s response to Swine Flu is any example of their ability to treat serious health concerns how can we trust them with our nation’s health care? The Bush Administration had 48 hours to prepare a response to the most devastating tropical storm to ever strike our Gulf States yet; liberals still blame him for the aftermath.

The Obama Administration has had over six months to prepare for the H1-N1 virus and all we’ve heard is lip service thanks to strategically placed Teleprompters.

A tested vaccine is still not available and may not be for months. The government’s response, “Wash our hands and blow our noses in elbows” as if that will deter an epidemic. Many college campuses including Emory, Georgia Tech and others are already dealing with multiple cases. Public and private schools worry about the impact of those afflicted.

Has Barack Obama mandated that Acorn, with $53 million in taxpayer stimulus funds, help fight the flu epidemic? No, because they’re too busy registering fraudulent voters to help insure both Congress and the White House remain in Democrat Party hands. That money should be immediately canceled and applied to fighting this deadly flu epidemic.

Meanwhile, the Obama Administration continues to treat seniors as second class expendable citizens. Yes, pregnant women, youngsters and those incapacitated deserve priority in distributing flu vaccinations, but, seniors, many of whom, have pre-existing medical conditions are also at great risk for this deadly disease. In fact, most American fatalities, thus far, are among seniors.

Is the Administration’s treatment of the elderly unusual? Hardly, for Obama Care also proposes reduced funding for Medicare that treats those over 65. Will the liberal press treat Obama’s response to the Swine Flu as they did Bush’s to Katrina? I doubt it. Hopefully, thinking Americans will.