Like millions of others, I remember September 11, 2001. My wife and I were celebrating our 47th Wedding Anniversary in Las Vegas with dear friends from Ohio. It was 6:30 AM that morning when our phone rang and a voice said, “Turn on your TV”.

We tried to comprehend the unbelievable. New York City’s World Trade Center buildings were burning from jet planes crashing into upper floors. We watched innocent victims jumping out of upper floors to escape flames. We witnessed buildings become a heap of steel, concrete and human body parts. News and films reported simultaneous attacks on the Pentagon and an airliner crash in Pennsylvania.

Like all Americans we were mad as hell that terrorist fanatics perpetrated a cowardly act against our nation and innocent men, women and children. I recalled listening to President Franklin D. Roosevelt when he called the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, “A day that will live in infamy”. I prayed it would never reoccur, but it did and might have been repeated except for the dedicated work of our Central Intelligence Agency and information gleaned from captured terrorists. Now, President Obama and his political cronies are concerned that interrogators have been harsh on Islamic and al-Qaida murderers.

How utterly despicable that he and his left wing pals are more concerned about dunking a captured terrorist in a vat of water than learning al-Qaida decapitated heads of those captured. How disgusting that terrorist’s rights supercede those of innocent Americans and first responders scattered among World Trade Center rubble. How harsh is dunking compared to those murdered in the Pentagon and Pennsylvania planes crashes? Our enemies must be laughing and celebrating for it seems they have a friend in the White House.