I’m neither a “brown shirt, Nazi or a member of an angry mob or vast right wing conspiracy”. I am opposed to the Health Bill. Why? Because I’m a senior and if this Bill were in effect earlier this year, I’d be dead, a victim of ObamaCare.

In March, during a regular scheduled doctor’s visit I was given an EKG test. Skeptical about the results, my doctor suggested I wear a 24-hour heart monitor that revealed my heart was stopping many times during the course of a day and sometimes for as long as four seconds. The cardiologist explained that if my heart stopped for longer than that period it might cause a stroke or cut off blood supply to my brain. He suggested implantation of a pacemaker to control my heart’s rhythm.

Unlike under current Socialist Health Proposals, there was no waiting period, rationing of care or approval required from government bureaucrat because of my age. Medicare funds were not rationed because I’m elderly nor were they needed to treat illegal aliens. One week later, the pacemaker was installed in a local hospital and, while it hasn’t improved my golf score, my ticker is still ticking.

Sadly, former Sen. Tom Daschle helped write the restrictions in this Health Proposal while anticipating appointment as the Secretary of Health and Human Services. He claimed health care reform “will not be pain free and seniors should be more accepting of the conditions that come with age instead of treating them”. That means the elderly will bear the brunt of health care rationing as in other countries.

Democrats have inferred that opposing this legislation is un-American. As a disabled combat veteran who loves my country and defended the right to speak my mind, I take exception to that.